About Remnant Marketing

Mr. Steve Trachsel founded Remnant Marketing in 2012. Mr. Trachsel builds Remnant Marketing on the belief that thousands of businesses were, are and will need world-class Internet marketing and digital marketing services.

As the importance of the Internet to a business success continues to grow exponentially, the need for Digital Marketing Agencies will also change. Remnant marketing continues to adapt to the changing business climate and the changes that Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple drive into the digital market space. This is too much for most businesses to keep up with. Remnant Marketing is your partner for continued success.

The idea for name Remnant is from the old testament of the Bible. Over time, the majority falls away, goes astray, follows their own path. God also kept a remnant alive and faithful so that that the faith in the Way would continue. That is Remnant Marketing. We are the 1% that stay faithful to your business success.

Mr. Trachsel has a MBA from Cranfield University School of Management in the United Kingdom, a BS in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Certificate of Spanish Language and Culture from the University of Barcelona in Spain. Mr. Trachsel has 2 black belts in martial arts and enjoys global travel.

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