If you target consumers as end customers, Facebook is an amazing opportunity to grow your business and gain new customers. Remnant Marketing specializes in using Facebook advertising to rapidly acquire new customer opportunities for our clients. You then provide these new customer opportunities valuable products and services and thus grow your business.

First, we must understand what Facebook is and what Facebook is not. To the end-user, Facebook is a social media platform to connect with friends and make new acquaintances to share information and opinions. And that’s not what Facebook is. That’s what Facebook is not.

Facebook is a highly effective marketing platform that keeps its 2.2+ BILLION users deeply engaged inside the application. During this engagement, Facebook’s end users voluntarily provide demographic and psychographic user data about themselves back to Facebook, Inc. Then, Facebook, Inc. sells access to the information targeting platform to marketers of products and services as advertising.

If no one ever clicked on a Facebook ad, Facebook would not exist. Fortunately for marketers, millions click on ads every day.

Our method is tried and tested.

Our Two-fold Facebook Strategy

  1. Through years of experience, we’ve become very good at assessing which companies we can help and those that are not a great fit for your service offerings. We are excited about the opportunity to assist your company flourish.
  2. We attack the lowest hanging fruit possible first to generate fast Return on Investment (ROI) for your company.

These funds pay back your investment as quickly as possible.

The Process

Step 1: Interview

Before we start running ads, we need to understand your business and campaign goals. We need to understand exactly who your customer is, what ‘pain’ are they trying to solve and how they responded to marketing campaigns you’ve run in the past.

Step 2: Campaign Setup and Testing

We bring our experience to the table to propose campaign that rapidly generate new customer opportunities. It’s vital that we agree on the campaign, the offering, the ad copy and the images and or video we use. Sometimes, to grab the users’ attention, odd combinations and weird, out of the box ideas are the most effective. We’ll only run campaigns and ads that will enhance your brand.

Step 3: Start Ads Campaigns

We will start running the campaign as soon as possible, usually in 5-7 business days. We start out slower at first, then add more campaigns and ad spend over the coming days. The idea behind this is to get you used to the new traffic and level of inquiries. It’s no good us turning the traffic tap on max when you’re struggling to handle the first lot of inquiries.

Step 4: Ongoing Optimization

There’s an advertising concept called “ad fatigue.” It’s where you see the same ad again and again and as a result, you start to become blind to it. The product might help you massively and be exactly what you’re looking for but for whatever reason, your brain ignores it.

For that reason, we keep rotating and trying new ads. Most of the ads will stay the same but instead of saying “Get Your Free Report” we might change it to “Free Checklist: Get Yours Today.” The ad has the same concept with a different image or video for example.

Step 5: Going Forward

Over time and through analytic analysis, we will determine which types of ads, customer segments and targeting are actually producing customers.

We then start shutting down the ads that aren’t as effective at producing customers and increase the daily ad spend on the ones that are converting.

While it appears counterintuitive, sometimes we can have very well performing ads that just attract lookers and not buyers. On paper, it’s great but in reality, they don’t become paying customers. On the other hand, you can have a badly performing ad that actually filters people out, leaving only the very interested people clicking.

An example of this, is called “price filtering”. It’s where you put a price in the ad. Anyone not prepared to spend any money will not bother clicking saving you a click from someone who wasn’t ever going to buy anyway.

An Example Solution

We’ve developed a great new customer creation solution for Martial Arts Schools via targeted Facebook advertising. We invite you to review our Facebook Marketing Martial Arts Schools Solution. Hit the back button on your browser to return to this page.

The Price

We’ll create you a custom quote for your business based on the number of new customer opportunities you are seeking per month and the market sector you are targeting.

Next Steps

To start receiving new customer opportunities for your business, complete out our discovery form application and one of our representatives will contact you about creating a customer Facebook advertising strategy and campaign.

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