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Los Angles, California is home to the city of Glendale. The total land of the city is 79.212 km2 of which 79 km2. Glendale is located at the intersection of two valleys of San Fernando and San Gabriel. Glendale host one of the largest communities of the Armenian origin in the U.S. The people in this city enjoy its Mediterranean climate and nearly 50 public parks well distributed all over the city.

Brief History

One of the various stories told about the City of Glendale is that the city started as a ranch.  Also, the city’s original inhabitants were the “people of the earth” known as the Tongva people, prior to the 19th century. Since 1784, Jose Maria Verdugo, a Spanish corporal, used the land for farming and grazing, the formal possession of the land happened in 1798. Jose’s grandson built the Verdugo Adobe in 1806, which became the oldest building in Glendale City. The descendants of this family, however, sold various parcels of this land some of which are the present-day Eagle Rock, Highland Park, and Atwater Village.

The residents of this land gathered to form a townsite and gave the city the name Glendale in 1884. Massive architectural developments followed the early 1990s.During this period the estates like El Miradero was built. A combination of Indian, Moorish and Spanish styles combined to create the El Miradero estate. In 1920, Henry R Harrower opened a clinic that ran for many years as the biggest business operation in the city. In 1964, George Lincoln Rockwell named the city to be the west coast headquarters of the American Nazi Party. The city is notoriously famous for the two serial killers known as the Hillside Stranglers whose based their work in this town. The city developed significantly mostly after the opening of the Glendale Freeway in the 1970s.

Local Economy

As of at June 2014, the city’s income per capita was $29,766 which included adults and children while the medium household income was $54,369. The unemployment rate was 6.60% with a job growth rate of 2.40%. In ten years a growth rate of 38.40% is expected in jobs. The income tax in this city is 6%, and the sales tax rate is 9%. Adventist Medical Center with at least 2,540 employees is the top employers in Glendale followed by the city of Glendale with 2,041 employees and Glendale Unified School District with 1,830 employees. The city hosts a couple of huge companies too. They include International House of Pancakes, Nestle, NexusLab, State Compensation Insurance regional office, headquarters for the Americas United Bank, Cigna, Nero AG, Neopets, Panda security, and Avery Dennison.

The city also hosts the DreamWorks entertainment company that produces animated movies. Grand Central Business Center, formally the Grand central airport until 1959, is where DreamWorks office’s currently reside. The big business’ in this locality form the backbone of the city; they provide employment to a high percentage of the population, making them vital to the city and the neighboring towns.

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Chamber of Commerce

Glendale’s chamber of commerce is a private non-profit organization that encompasses of individuals, business enterprises, civil organizations and educational institutions. Serving as the “voice of business” in the city the chamber of commerce was formed in 1910. The chamber forms a basis for their work on three principles which are: business connection, business prosperity, and community impact.

Through the chamber of commerce, therefore, businesses can expand irrespective of the size. The organization provides a platform to its members for expansion through business, and social networking conducted consistently. The chamber has various committees that cater for the needs of its members, and they range from advocacy and government relation to business security and safety.

The collaboration between the city of Glendale and the chamber of commerce helps in the improvement of the life of the community since they discuss various issues that affect the community as a whole and propose solutions to tackle the issues. Therefore, this leads to a positive impact on the city by the chamber of commerce.

In 2014, the chamber of commerce launched their magazine which gives information on various aspects of the city and the world as a whole. The quarterly journal prints information on business, education, entertainment, recreation, sports and much more. It is also a marketing tool for its members where they get a chance to market their products to potential clients.

Business and Politics

In the recent years, Glendale has attracted huge companies who either go to the city and start again in the city or expanding and venture in the city. Also, the creation of good hospitals, roads, and research institutions alongside an increase in population resulted from the increase in business. The increase in companies venturing in the city presents an opportunity for approximately 4000 jobs both immediately and at build-out.

The Democrats Party holds the largest percentage of people in this region. Statistics indicate that 69.2% of the population is Democrats, 28.8% Republicans and 2% independent party. Adam Schiff of the Democrat party in the United States House of Representatives represents the city of Glendale.

Top Business in Glendale

Large companies from other countries are located in this city. However, the city also has its local businesses which provide quality essential services to the people.  Some of these firms are doing very well and are competing at international level with other companies. The companies include; Nestle Service Titan, Cynet Systems, Insight Global, 3Play Media, Pirch, Everbrigde, Human Rights Watch, In-N-Out Burger, Glendale Adventist Medical Centre and much more. Their ratings as the best due to offering a high quality of service.


In 1990, Nestle USA, Inc. established a US corporate office in Glendale. The company produces various foods and markets them in the United States. Some of their products include; chocolates, baking products, snacks, beverages, coffee, ice-creams and also frozen and chilled foods. The company is a subsidiary of Nestle Holdings Inc. The company is a source of employment to many people in the city of Glendale.


Within a close listening range, there are 81 FM and 55 AM radio stations to listen to in Glendale. The stations have various classifications, where there are radio stations that deal with news and nothing else; others deal with music and entertainment while others deal with sports. The radio stations are also based on religious teachings, adult based stations, while others are ethnic. They are broadcasted in either English or Spanish.


The City of Glendale has a government access cable channel called GTV6. The channel is accessible through charter communications cable channel 6, channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse or can be streamed online. There are no broadcast television providers in Glendale, but one can access a wide variety of channels transmitted all over the US through satellite television providers, cable television providers or online streaming.

Auto Dealerships on Auto Row

The city has opportunities for those who would like to rent or buy vehicles. The companies providing these services include Car City, Herman Auto Sales, and Glendale Nissan. All these dealership are on Brand Boulevard in central Glendale.


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