Remnant Creates Insane Numbers of New Customer Opportunities for Our Glendale SEO Clients with Expert Organic SEO

If you are not the #1 organic search engine optimization result in Glendale, then you are losing to your competition.

If you’re like most businesses, you may respond to that statement with a nagging feeling. How much business am I losing to my competition? Perhaps you feel that your current digital marketing strategy and Glendale SEO are not generating the new customers opportunities and sales that it should. You might be asking yourself, “Shouldn’t my website and digital marketing be doing more for my business?”

Let me assure you, 1) that you’re not alone. 2) most companies face the same problem. 3) there is a solution and 4) Remnant Marketing has the answer to this pandemic business problem.

Before I get to the solution, let me ask you a serious question. Do you want to solve this digital marketing challenge or continue with the status quo? The overwhelming majority of Glendale’s companies have the same issue. And they are not willing to take action to solve this challenge.

If you are not willing to move forward and solve this problem, then we wish you Godspeed. Remnant Marketing is not the right Digital Marketing Agency for your company.

Still here? Click the Get Started button below to see if you qualify for Remnant Marketing’s SEO Glendale services. Discover how we can help you take your Glendale business to the next level.

Powerful Digital Marketing Solutions for Companies in Glendale

New Customers via Google Search

Glendale companies realize they need proactive Search Engine Optimization Services to increase new customer opportunities and revenue. If your business is looking for digital marketing solutions, you’re not alone. The great news is that SEO and Google Ads are among the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies available.

New Customers via Facebook Ads

Facebook is an amazing opportunity to grow your business quickly and gain new consumer customers immediately. Remnant Marketing specializes in using Facebook advertising to rapidly acquire new customer opportunities for our clients. We design and manage campaigns for local and national businesses.

New Customers via Video Marketing

If you are like most Glendale Internet users then you would rather watch a video to learn about a product, service or business than read text. Research shows that 60% of all people would rather watch a video. As you lower the users’ age to the millennials and younger, the percentage that would rather watch a video increase to 67%.

Ensure a Mobile Optimized Experience

Research shows consumers are more likely to buy from and recommend the business that has a better mobile experience. With about 57% of all internet traffic coming from smartphones and tablet devices, if your business does not have a strategy to cater to this growing audience, these customers will go to a business that does.

Why Remnant Marketing for Glendale SEO?

One major advantage of hiring Remnant Marketing, a reputable Glendale SEO firm, is that you can be confident that your company will receive quality results. Moving your website on the first page of a of Google can be difficult. It requires deep digital marketing expertise, and that is exactly what your business will receive when you hire a credible Glendale SEO company. The digital marketing business is all about outperforming your competitors.

Therefore, if you want to outrank your online competitors, then you must be willing to invest in quality SEO. When you hire a trustworthy Glendale SEO agency, like Remnant Marketing, we will use our skill and experience to ensure that your company receives best in class search engine optimization. In addition, that your site ranks on top of the search engine result page.

Once we rank your website on the page one, you can be sure that it will stay there for a long time because Remnant Marketing uses effective Glendale SEO methods that helps to ensure that your website remains on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO Glendale Real World Results

Remnant Marketing’s SEO and Digital Marketing Process

Step 1: Customer Research and Glendale Competitive Analysis

This step is a game changer and completely differentiates us from the Glendale competition. How would you like to know the needs, the wants, the hopes and the fears of you current and future customers in Glendale?

We have a proprietary method where we reach out to both your current and future perspective customers so that we can understand why they buy from you and why they do not buy from you now.

Most importantly, the results of the customer research phase of the project tallow us to tailor your sales and marketing messaging to ensure you are getting the right customers that are ready, willing and able to buy from you today.

Step 2: SEO Optimize Your Website So It’s Rank Ready

In this phase of the project we optimize your on-page SEO to maximize your ranking and maximize your conversions. Most Glendale business owners do not realize that their website has two audiences. First is the human reader – your potential customer.

The second audience that most business owners do not know about is Google. Yes, the Google bot, and by extension, Google’s ranking algorithm determines where your site will rank on every relevant keyword search.

For example, if you were a Digital Marketing Agency in Glendale and a prospective customer types “Glendale SEO Company” into Google. They Google’s algorithm checks every relevant page and returns it determination of which webpages best match the intent of the search.

Remnant Marketing make sure your site is the best result for your target customers’ searches.

Step 3: Grow Your Online Digital Brand

Google loves brands. And when we discuss your online brand, Google expect unique elements present or you are less likely to rank for your desired search result.

Therefore, Remnant builds your Glendale business brand online the right way. The way Google expects so that Google’s algorithm rewards your customer’s SEO search results with the top rankings.

Rankings across multiple keyword search phrases relevant to your business.

Step 4: Build Links from Authoritative and Topic Relevant Sites

One of the top ways that Google determines where to rank your site is backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links from other websites that show confidence in your website’s content. Traditionally, SEO practitioners believed that a link was a link.

Our proprietary research and methods show that that is not the case. Some links have more Search Engine Optimization power than others. Remnant Marketing utilizes advanced methods that get you the most important and potent links for your specific Glendale website.

Step 5: Power Your Site with Targeted Traffic Campaigns

Finally, once we have all the above components in place, we add targeted real human user traffic campaigns that improves sites traffic signal to Google.

It only makes sense. Consider a site that has steps 1 through 4 implemented, but no authentic human traffic to the site. Versus a site that is configured equally and receives actual traffic on a regular basis. Shouldn’t the site with traffic outrank the site with no traffic?

Obviously, the website with natural traffic should rank higher. Now that you know our SEO process, it is time for you to take your SEO Glendale to the next level.

What Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals Say About Remnant Marketing

Image of Recommendation for Remnant Marketing a Glendale Search Engine Optimization Company
Image of testimonial for Glendale SEO Agency Remnant Marketing
Image of Testimonial for Glendale SEO Services Company Remnant Marketing

Our expert Glendale SEO agency has the right SEO marketing tools that we can leverage to help your website rank on the first page of Google. When you hire Remnant Marketing, a prominent SEO agency in Glendale, you will be working with a team of professionals that has years of experience.

We have worked on many projects that have similar attributes to your company. We know exactly what to do to provide your company quality results that your business deserves. Our agency will work tirelessly to ensure that we optimize your website according to industry standard best practices.

These best practices and our years of experience ensure your website performs well on the search engine result pages. Rest assured that Glendale SEO experts will supervise your project.

Stop Losing Revenue to Your Competition in Glendale

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Frequently Asked Questions Image for SEO Glendale

SEO Company Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO Company?

An SEO Company or SEO Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization services. SEO Services are the digital marketing strategies that configure your site to work within Google’s best practices and hence optimize your site for Google searches.

The SEO marketing best practices include optimal configuration of our client’s website and content. This is commonly referred to as On Page SEO.

Next, creating highly relevant and authoritative links to the client’s website. The Google Bot interprets these links as indicators that our client’s website is the most authoritative and relevant option for the target search phrases. Thus, our client’s site shows up higher in the Google search results. This is commonly referred to as backlinks or backlining in the SEO marketing community.

The final component of an SEO Glendale company is to create live user traffic to your website so that Google sees that visitors to your site are finding the content revenant to their search intentions.

Furthermore, a good SEO company will have additional services such as Paid Traffic Programs with Google and Facebook that can expand upon the success they have proved with SEO services.

We at Remnant Marketing invite you to experience our Search Engine Optimization Services to assist your business meet its goals.

How do I Choose a Company for SEO?

The is the critical question. Every business should determine their own criterion so that will allow them to hire the best SEO agency.

Here are questions that Remnant Marketing believes you should ask any potential SEO services provider

  • Do they spend time with you to understand your individual goals and needs rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all SEO service?
  • Do they develop you a custom plan SEO services plan that will deliver my goals?
  • What is the agency’s follow-up communication plan once I hire them?
  • Have both parties agreed upon an objective standard for what success looks like for your business’s SEO program?
  • Does the agency have case studies to demonstrate the SEO results from other clients?
  • Does the agency provide additional digital marketing services should my business’ needs grow beyond SEO?

These questions, plus any others that you may have will give you a good idea as to the quality of the Agency’s SEO Service plus how you will like working with the Agency’s staff members.

How your team works with the Agency’s team is an often overlooked, so, don’t take that for granted.

To hear Remnant Marketing’s answers to these questions and more, complete the discovery form and a Remnant Marketing SEO specialist will contact you shortly.

What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

A Remnant Marketing SEO Specialist or SEO Strategist develops the entire program to deliver quality Search Engine Optimization services for our clients.

The SEO specialist first seeks to understand your business’s unique goals, your business’s economic model and your marketing budget. Then, the SEO services specialist will review the competitive landscape for your target search phrases or keywords.

With this research and context, Remnant Marketing’s SEO expert will then handcraft the exact keywords that will give us the fastest Return on Investment (ROI) and the overall timeframe for the search engine optimization campaign.

With this custom plan approved by our client, the SEO Specialist will then move into the implement phase.

They begin by ensuring our client has impeccable on-page SEO and the client’s landing pages have the highest likelihood for conversion for sales, leads, calls and in-store visits.

In the next phase of Remnant Marketing’s custom program, our SEO services expert develops highly relevant and authoritative back links from other authoritative websites and publications on our clients’ industry.

Next, the SEO specialist uses proprietary strategies to drive relevant traffic to our client’s site to speed up the ranking process.

Lastly, our expert SEO strategist maintains, monitors and provide monthly report to our client so they are up to date on the campaign’s progress.

To experience a Remnant Marketing SEO specialist, fill out the discover form and on of our SEO experts will contact you shortly.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

This is one of the most common questions our agency receives.  While other SEO agencies may offer an hourly rate or a fixed price per number of keywords, Remnant Marketing provides a different approach.

First, one must understand that all keywords are not created equal. The number and quality of competitors for each Google search phrase is not equal.

Thus, the time, effort and resources required to perform quality search engine optimization for a given keyword is not equal. Therefore, flat rate pricing is not appropriate for most clients’ cases. The only way to make this SEO model work economically is to charge too much for keywords that warrant a lower price.

Before Remnant Marketing accepts a SEO client, we do a detailed SEO analysis to determine the time, effort and resources for the search phrases that will meet your business goals. Then, we deliver you a custom proposal the details prices of each keyword we will optimize for over the SEO campaign.

To receive your own custom Search Engine Optimization proposal, fill out our discovery form. Then a Remnant Marketing representative will contact you shortly to begin your SEO journey to more traffic, new customer opportunities, revenue and profits.

Should I Hire an SEO Company?

Obviously, we feel you should hire a qualified SEO Agency like Remnant Marketing. Here is a Search Engine Optimization services checklist to help you determine if SEO is right for your company:

  • Do you have a product our service that you want more potential customers to find in a local market area?
  • Do you need more customers in your place of business?
  • Do you have a great product, service or business that you feel is one of the “best kept secrets” out there?
  • Do you have a product or service that you currently sell or could sell online?
  • Do you have a product or service that is doing well in a location or region and now you would like to expand to gain national or international exposure?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then SEO marketing is a great strategy to explore for your business.

We invite you to complete our discovery form and speak with a Remnant Marketing representative about how SEO services could transform your business into the business you always believed it could be.

We encourage you to experience the results of our quality SEO for yourself.

Remember, your competition uses SEO, how much revenue and profit do you want to keep losing to your competitors?

Glendale CA Business Climate

Glendale has numerous local business areas. These exclusive districts provide the City of Glendale populous with convenience, variety, and exceptional services in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The areas not only offer outstanding products and services, they also present family-oriented unique events during the year, such as food festivals, themed parades and auto shows. This makes Glendale an ideal place to grow your company.

In and around Glendale are the headquarters for multiple household name companies, including Nestlé USA, Inc., ABC7 TV, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Imagineering, IHOP Corp, DreamWorks Animation, Forest Lawn Memorial Parks and Baxter BioScience.

Furthermore, outside Glendale’s city center, small businesses serve visitors and residents around the various neighborhoods. The businesses are in neighborhoods such as La Crescenta, Montrose, Adams Square, Kenneth Village, Glendale Courtyard and other prime city streets.

Picture of Glendale CA skyline and buildings

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