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History of  West Covina, CA

In the year 1912, the city of Covina experienced problems in accommodating sewage disposal. This issue led to seeking solutions to curb this dilemma. One of the solutions was to build a sewer farm in West Covina. The residents of West Covina opposed this construction which led to West Covina gaining its independence as a city in 1923. Walnut and Orange groves flourished immensely during the following decades. Also, planted along the streets to beautify the city are palms and other trees.  This town is located in Los Angeles County, California which is 19 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the eastern San Gabriel Valley. The City of West Covina was also, known as a large walnut grove with a mayor.

Consequently, West Covina never developed a business district of its own due to the proximity of downtown Covina and other vested communities. There was a population increase from 769 to 1549 between 1930 and 1940. After World War II, between 1950 and 1960, the city of West Covina became one of the fastest growing cities of U. S cities. During this time, the city had only two schools; Sunset and Cameron. Sunset was for higher grades in western section while Cameron was for lower grades in the eastern section. Whenever heavy rains occurred, there was no school as the buses were not able to operate. Despite this challenge, West Covina was attractive to young families as it was close to industry and business and still retained the feeling of the county.

The decades that followed exhibited steady growth in population with a population of 96242 in 1990 census. San Gabriel Valley is full of activities ranging from livestock keeping to agriculture and residential centers. These activities have boomed business for West Covina making it the headquarters city of San Gabriel Valley. Also, the second half of 20th Century saw new developments and projects. These projects included: the building of city hall and police facility, the Civic Center Joint Powers Authority, regional shopping center, the West Covina Fashion Plaza, freestanding retail developments, restaurants, residential projects and the Auto Plaza among others.

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Estimated to have a population of 108,484 people, West Covina is thriving. The largest ethnic groups are Hispanic, Asian and white although there are many small racial groups including African Americans. The median age is 36 years with a household income of $67, 069.


West Covina has many educational institutions.  Residents can attend schools in West Covina Unified School District, Covina Valley Unified School District and Rowland Unified School District. They provide primary and secondary education. Universities and colleges in West Covina provide further studies for residents. Some of the universities and colleges are; Azusa Pacific University, Citrus College, Pasadena City College among others. Adult Education institutions are also available for example; Pasadena Senior Centre, East San Gabriel Occupational Program just to name a few.


Healthcare facilities in West Covina are many. The main hospital is Citrus Valley Medical Center. Known for a comprehensive family birth and newborn center while also offering comprehensive medical services to the residents. There are also other medical facilities that include; Kaiser Permanente, East Valley Community Health Center, West Covina Medical Clinic, Sunset Medical Clinic among others.


West Covina is a city that is characterized by friendly and conducive business environment. It exerts efforts that are designed to attract new business, retain and expand local businesses, create new employment opportunities, increase tax revenues to the city as well as boost vitality and economic growth in the city.  This increase creates a strong platform for businesses to thrive in West Covina. There are many chains of restaurants, retail stores and companies such as The Home Depot, Regal Entertainment, Hooters, Elephant Bar, Lotus Cars, Sephora, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and much more. The shopping centers in West Covina provide a fun experience for residents as they are fully stocked with items. This center increases convenience and efficiency during shopping. The major shopping centers are Plaza West Covina, Eastland Center and The Heights of West Covina. These are huge shopping complex which houses many retail stores, restaurants, and shops. In addition to these three, West Covina has various shopping centers which include; Hong Kong Plaza, Seafood City Plaza, West Covina Village, The Lakes At West Covina, The Citrus Grove among others.


Foothill Transit services provide transportation for West Covina residents across San Gabriel Valley with buses. Los Angeles Metropolitan Agency also aids in transportation from El Monte Station to Cal Poly Pomona.  Today, West Covina City favors Democratic Party in politics due to the many demographic changes in population.


Every famous city has influential persons who have proved to be helpful to young adults by being good role models. West Covina has not been left behind at this. The list of notable people in West Covina is long. Some of the people include; Rick Aguilera, Troy Aikman, Tom Brunansky, Robert Buckley, Jeff Cox, Carlos Fischer among others. This person who hails from West Covina is known worldwide. They are also key people in all industries such as sports, music, film, writing just to name a few. The American television series called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend featured West Covina prominently in the show.


West Covina city has many attraction centers which provide visitors with excellent sites and places as they tour the city. Some of the local attraction sites include; Adventure City, Disneyland Resort, Graber Olive House, Pacific Palm result just to name a few. These sites are exquisite, and tourists get to enjoy themselves and create long lasting memories of West Covina City during their visits. There are also museums which give great tales of the history of this beautiful city and its evolution to the modern world.


There are various ongoing projects in West Covina. Citrus Junction is one among those projects which call people to a new and fresh start by providing perfect design for life plan and low maintenance lifestyle.  It offers a scope out of a neighborhood where everything you need is easily accessible. Finding a home for your family has been made simple by West Covina Home Listings. This home listing is an online site where you can easily find houses on sale in which you can pick and view homes that are available and within your budget.  The Sportsplex Project in West Covina is comprised of three components. These components include; The Big League Dreams Sports Park, an 18-hole Championship Public Golf Course, and a commercial office development. This project has been completed and offers residents of West Covina with many opportunities for business growth.


It is evident that West Covina CA is a city that is well equipped and ethnically balanced to accommodate every race of the world. The business opportunities are many, and entrepreneurs can thrive in this city. It has all provisions that are essential in providing the residents with the best shelter, education, and healthcare needed for healthy living. The history and future growth of this town show that with proper allocation of resources and innovations; any small city can boost the economy of the country involved and also give forth to important persons. Other cities from all over the world also learn the importance of implementing projects that help residents with opportunities for growth in business.

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