SEO Services for Businesses that are Serious about Digital Marketing

Most companies, just like yours, realize they need proactive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services to increase new customer opportunities and revenue. If your company is looking for digital marketing solutions, you are not alone. The great news is that SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing tool, but also one of the most challenging to get right.

The value of being #1 is huge. According to studies by SmartInsights and the ad network Chitika, 33% to 53% of Internet click through traffic goes to the #1 organic search results when a user searches for a product or service. By the time they get to #10, the click through drops to the 1% range.

So, you understand online marketing’s importance and are now stumped on how to select a time-tested SEO agency for superior Internet marketing. The experts at Remnant Marketing appreciate this challenge. It is true we are often not the first Digital Marketing Agency that our clients have worked with. And we pride ourselves that we are the last. Our loyal clients tell the story.

“Remnant Marketing did a great job for my Real Estate Brokerage. Their diligent team proved themselves a great asset to my company.”

– Ryan Ottoson, Owner, Ottoson & Co.

The Remnant Marketing Approach

We provide a deep level of business experience on top SEO expertise with month to month contracts, so you are never tied down. We create the best search optimization strategy, and lead generation and traffic generation strategies that are tailored to your individual business goals. The proof is in the pudding!

Plus we are selective on who we choose to work with. We don’t work with every company that contacts us. We only partner with the most qualified and serious. In fact, we turn down more companies than we accept.

We Do SEO Services Right

We have found that the worse scenario for companies is when they do in-house SEO or outsource the work incorrectly. This hurts with lost time, resources and money and can result in Google penalizing your site. Google changes their algorithm frequently, and your company needs an expert that protects your investment now and for the long-term.

Remnant Marketing’s Search Engine Optimization Strategy is custom tailored for you.

Here is our approach to most relevant search result for Google:

1. Keyword Analysis for your target market and customer demographic

  • With a blend of art (great content) and a science we balance volume and keyword difficulty (link to pricing page) to ensure optimal ROI for our clients.
  • We are always looking for new keyword phrases as trends change.

2. Competitive analysis of the top sites that rank in your market space

  • With our target keywords, we devise a plan that will beat the competition and dominate Google.

3. Make your website Rank Ready

  • We make your website rank ready. This means we optimize site speed and page loading times, images, page content, page titles and page descriptions with keyword rich text and more.
  • Your website has two audiences, your human customers and the Google bot. Most sites do well for the customers, poorly for the Google bot. We deliver both.

4. Off-Site Exposure

  • We develop quality content to promote your brand online.
  • We encourage other sites to post relevant links to your website, called backlinks.

5. Traffic

  • With our proprietary strategies we signal Google both with traffic campaigns to your website.

6. Monitor, update and make improvements

  • We ensure your website stays rank ready as you update your site over time.
  • We implement timely updates of keyword analysis to ensure we are targeting the most profitable and customer relevant keywords.

Choose Remnant to Be Your SEO Agency Services Partner

Your business needs an SEO firm with solid, proven expertise and with a proven background in generating rich, shareable and relevant content. Our clients consistently boast about the measurable increase in search engine traffic within the first months of working with our experts based in Southern California. They are amazed at such high quality targeted results! Let the experts at Remnant SEO Marketing help you to improve your online presence and improve your bottom line.

To get started and see if your company is a fit for the Remnant SEO Solution, apply via our Discovery Form today. Every day your business delays implementing the Remnant SEO Solution, your company risks losing more customers to the competition as your competitors become more entrenched and harder to displace. So, get started today and put your company on the road to dominating on Google and crushing your competition.

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