Search Engine Optimization Pricing

The first question most prospective clients ask is, “How much will SEO cost?” The short answer is that it depends on the difficulty of the keyword for which you would like your business to rank #1 in Google. What does that mean?

Movers Analogy

To unpack the difficulty to rank a keyword, for a moment, think of Remnant Marketing as a moving company. You want to move your personal effects from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A customer should expect that the price Remnant Movers quotes the client for the move would depend largely on what items the moving company would be transporting, right?

So, if you were to hire our fictional moving company, Remnant Movers, to move a grand piano to San Francisco, you would expect the price to move the grand piano would be higher than the price to move one box full of books.

Picture of Grand Piano for Movers Analogy
Picture of a standard cardboard moving box

The same principal applies for ranking your website. It depends primarily upon the difficulty of the keyword we are ranking in Google’s search engine. The difficulty rating is on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100%. This range means that a keyword with a difficulty rating of 40% is ten times more “difficult” to rank than a keyword with a 30% rating. Thus, like the piano, you would expect the price quote for the piano to be much higher than the box.

What makes one keyword more “difficult” than another keyword? Primarily, it is the number of, and quality of the competitors vying for the #1 position.

Remnant Marketing does offer flat-rate pricing for businesses that need their website correctly optimized by SEO experts. See our SEO Service Packages for more information.

Facebook New Customer Acquisition Pricing

Leveraging Facebook advertising to generate new customer opportunities and sales is a great strategy for companies that want new customers fast. The price of these marketing campaigns will vary based on the target customer, the product or service offered, the number of new customer opportunities desired per month, and the target geography for the campaign. We structure the price as a monthly marketing service fee.

Mobile Website Optimization Pricing

Similarly, the price for us to create a mobile optimized website depends on the number of pages, the complexity of the content on the pages, and the integrations with other systems that you require. To continue the moving company analogy, you would expect that the price for a mobile e-commerce site with 1,000 products, shopping cart, inventory management integrations would be higher than a 10-page local business site for a dentist. We structure the price as a one-time marketing service fee and a monthly hosting, licensing and support fee.

How Do I Get Started?

To provide your business a search engine optimization pricing quote or a mobile optimized website price quote, we first need more information about your company. Please complete our discovery form and we’ll be happy to provide you an online marketing analysis and cost estimate.

Not ready for our discovery form? Then use our SEO website audit tool for an in-depth analysis of site done for you free – in minutes.

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