Get Prospective New Customers and Enhance Your Brand with Video Marketing Services


Would you rather watch a 3 min video or read the exact same information in 750 words of text on a webpage?

If you are like most Internet users then you would rather watch a video to learn about a product, service or business than read a webpage of text. Research shows that 60% of all people would rather watch a video. As you lower the users’ age to the millennials and younger, the percentage that would rather watch a video increase to 67%.

How is your business going to communicate with new customers opportunities on their terms? The answer is by creating and distributing engaging videos.

How does your business do that? Remnant Video Marketing Services.

Remnant Video Marketing Services

Remnant Marketing creates engaging videos with animation, subtitles, music, voice-overs and imagery to communicate your product, service or brand identity. Here is a summary of our offerings with just a few samples of the essentially limitless design options.

Text to Video Service

How would you like a quick, easy and affordable way to turn a boring page of text into an engaging, dynamic slideshow video with music and subtitles? Here are two examples:

Video Customer Reviews Service

An engaging video testimonial with a male or female spokes person with differentiate you from your competition and and wow your prospective customers. Please watch the two samples below.

Brand Building Intro’s and Outro’s

To highlight your brand identity, we do professional logo animation intros before the body of your video and great call to action outros at the end of your video. Please view the playlist of examples below. Several examples will play back to back.

Video Intro Samples Playlist

Video Outro Samples Playlist

Ranking Videos in Google Search and YouTube

Now that you have great and engaging videos, it makes sense to have your target customers find your videos and watch them. How does one do that?

With Remnant’s Video Ranking Services we will rank your videos for your target keyword phrases in Google Search and YouTube Search results.

We have a tested strategy and methodology to rank your videos to be seen by your target customer audience. This is a great way to be found by new customer opportunities that are actively looking in the search engines for what you offer.

To get started with any of our video marketing service, please go to our Discover Form page and fill out the requested information completely. A representative will contact you shortly.

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