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City of West Covina, CA Overview

West Covina incorporated as a city, independent of Covina. As a result of plans to build a sewage farm in the area of the western part of Covina, . The incorporation took place in 1923. The City of West Covina is covered with walnut groves and orange groves. These groves to this day still provide a bumper crop to the area. The population grew more rapidly between the years of 1930 at 769 and blossomed to 1,549 by 1940. Times were now unfolding a full blown Baby boom and a post-World War II building boom. This activity amounted to a period of growth in the United States. West Covina is described as one of the most rapidly growing of all cities in the United States in the nineteen-fifties and sixties.

A current City Government, West Covina is also a host of new development. Many projects of modern theme brought in big business to the local economy. In the year of 1969 City Hall and the Police Station were built. The beginning of the development of the city public facilities included the Joint Powers Authority in the County of Los Angeles. Part of this phase was The Civic Center Joint Powers Authority which served both the West Covina city proper and that of the County of Loa Angeles. Both the Mayor’s office and City Hall were completed. The now rapidly growing community has fulfilled the need of its residents for jobs and modern living in the area and for all citizens that now number over 50,000.

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Fun Facts

West Covina is mainly of Hispanic population with 53.2% being of Latino or Hispanic heritage. The NonHispanic-Caucasian population is at 42.8%. There are 4.5% African Americans, with the remaining population made up of Asian and Pacific Islander races. These groups enjoy the sports complex projects that were built recently for the community such as the Big League Dreams Sports Park and the 18-hole professional Championship Public Golf Course and Ranges. The office park plans to cover over 43 acres with new commercial offices and complexes, includes shopping and retail spaces. Companies such as Home Depot, Verizon, and Pet Smart have opened their doors there along with many boutiques, eateries, and other specialty stores.

There is so much recreational activity in the sports complex. Such as, baseball batting cages with baseball fields that resemble Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. In fact, six baseball fields are reminiscent of Wrigley Field, Dodger Stadium, Tiger Stadium and the Angels Stadium as well. There are full-size soccer fields for a local soccer league also.

The subsequent expansion has progressed to include more shopping warehouses and specialty stores. Best Buy is part of the mall that is getting constructed and completed. This phase was part of the renovation of the Plaza West Covina strip. This area of the Plaza is getting updated cosmetically and expanded in all spheres. The new luxury store Forever has been finished. This renovation was completed recently.


There is a great movement to open new shops, restaurants, and clubs in West Covina. Dining out, in particular, isn’t going to be a challenge as there are so many great restaurants that have opened their doors for dining out. A favorite place to unwind after a hard day at the office in West Covina is the Glendora on South Grand Avenue. Many students will meet there to team up on homework. The Cove on South Glendora Avenue has often been chosen by club fans because it gives a feeling of warmth and comfort rather than strangeness that some places emit.

Where do people go in West Covina who love Karaoke? The Orlando Karaoke Lounge and Restaurant is one of the most popular choices. It is located on East Garvey Avenue. For those who enjoy dining on seafood and having a few drinks with friends after work, there is El Pescador. El Pescador is a Mexican Seafood Restaurant and Bar. Although it gets boisterous there because of the music and the many people talking, it is rated in the mid range of satisfactory places to dine and have a few drinks in a club atmosphere.

Best Restaurants

Galbi Bar and Grill and the Blaze Pizza are some of the new favorites for dining out. For those who love to cook Eastern and Oriental foods, the East-West Supermarket is busy in the early evenings with people buying fresh raw foods to make up for dinner later the same night.

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